my only enemy is me
18. Seattle. Originally from Orange County.
hardcore music.
pop punk.
Some Kind of Hope.
girlfriend <3

god my life is so boring i really wish i had some friends and didnt have to sit at home all alone every day holy shit.

someone buy me all the merch i want to make me less sad

yo i’m selling some merch on ebay so check that shit out i need money

terror and styg n stuff

Anonymous asked Whats your favorite thing about washington


capitol hill washington was my everything , the whole scenery, the people, the nightlife, the friendliness, the love, the open mindedness. i miss that area more than anything/anyone in washington. never have i experienced so many people of different races/sexualities/genders treat me so nice, every time i even walked down the street i was greeted with faces full of smiles. everything about capitol hill was right.